Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Islands are an archipelago of six islands and have a pretty vast area. The highlights of Phi Phi Island are the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear water, great snorkeling and the stunning limestone cliffs with hidden bays. Due to the many interesting sites and things to do, there are several different Phi Phi Island Tours available for different purposes

The speedboat tours are the best solution if you wish to see most of Phi Phi in a single day, and also the best choice if you wish to do as much snorkeling as possible. The tours by cruise boat or ferry are the best options if you prefer more comfort or travel with young children or elderly people, although with these you will visit fewer spots. The private tours have the highest value and are the best for families or small groups as well as couples who like to have privacy, flexibility and personal service.

Popular Phi Phi Island Tours

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